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Checklist of Finnish Amphibia and Reptilia, including aggregate taxa and invasive species. The list includes all Amphibia (frogs, toads, newts) and Reptilia (lizards, snakes) that are somewhat reliably recorded in Finland by 31.12.2022. Due to currently ongoing situation with invasive taxa, particularly Pelophylax frogs, the list may include taxon names or species identitites that are prone to change. Future invasive species will change the list even further.

The records include complete checklists of observer trips. Observers mark down each species or taxon they have observed. The data is presence-absence or, optionally, presence-absence with abundance data. Abundance is recorded either in logarhitmic scale (0 = 0 individuals, 1 = 1-10 individuals, 2=10-100 individuals, 3=100-1000 individuals, 4=1000+ individuals) or as precise user input. Observations must include location, date and time data. Checklists should be considered to show real absences.

The data includes also aggregate taxa. The aggregate taxa represent species groups that are routinely observed in the field but cannot be reasonably identified. The reasons for non-identifiation may include difficulties in telling the species apart in normal field (e.g. non-vocal Rana frogs), taxonomically confusing complexes (Pelophylax complex) or taxa where uncertain identifications are common (snakes).

The aggregates are:

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