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Why was the Finnish Nature Information Hub created?

Luontotieto – the Finnish Nature Information Hub was created to address the increasing demand for comprehensive and up-to-date nature information. Understanding the decline in biodiversity and effectively responding to it necessitates knowledge about the current state of nature, the factors driving its changes, and their impacts. This information is crucial for informed decision-making.

Accessing and utilizing nature information can be challenging due to dispersed data sources. The Finnish Nature Information Hub aims to streamline this process by consolidating nature datasets from various Finnish organizations into one accessible search platform. Additionally, the site showcases diverse nature monitoring programs and methodologies, while providing links to relevant sites and reports for further exploration.

Furthermore, the Nature Information Hub aims to foster collaboration among nature information producers in Finland to ensure the openness and interoperability of datasets, thus enhancing availability for users in the future.

Who’s involved?

The development of Luontotieto – the Finnish Nature Information Hub was initiated as part of the Finnish Environment Institute’s Finnish Ecosystem Observatory project (FEO), with support from the Finnish Ministry of the Environment. The project involved extensive collaboration with organizations producing nature information, such as the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, and Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland. We continuously strive to enrich the content of the Nature Information site and broaden the range of nature datasets available through its search service. Stakeholders in the field of nature information are encouraged to join our collaboration network.

Would you like to have your organization participate in the Finnish Nature Information Hub?

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