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Please note that some features of the search tool and the data it retrieves are currently only available in Finnish. Stay tuned for updates on the coverage and functionalities of the data search.

The Finnish Nature Data Information Hub data search enables easy discovery and browsing of metadata (descriptive information) for nature data sets produced by various organizations in Finland. From the metadata, you can find essential information about each dataset, such as the dataset name, description, production and update dates, producer organization, and contact details. Additionally, there is a link to the original metadata page for each dataset, allowing you to explore it further. The metadata also includes a link for viewing and downloading the dataset, if available from the original source.

It’s important to note that the metadata is retrieved directly from the dataset producer or another metadata repository’s interface, so its content depends on the original documentation and the dataset’s availability.

Data search functions

Finding datasets is made easy through both free-text search and filters. Currently, we offer two filters: data type and data theme. With the data type filter, you can narrow down search results based on production method or data type, while the data theme filter allows you to search for datasets based on the topics they cover. We aim to further improve filtering options and other functions to better meet users’ needs in the future.

Data search coverage

Currently, the data search includes metadata from the Finnish Environment Institute, the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility (hosted by the Finnish Museum of Natural History/University of Helsinki), and the Natural Resources Institute Finland. In the development of the site, the goal is to comprehensively gather existing nature data sets in Finland under one search service. Therefore, in the future, we aim to involve more producers of nature data in collaboration.

Adding datasets to the Finnish Nature Information Hub’s data search

We are continuously improving the coverage of our data search. Does your organization have datasets that we could add to the data search? Would you like to suggest a data source that is currently missing? Get in touch with us!